Intimacy Intimacy
Ranters Theatre
The Street Theatre - Street 2
23 Aug 2017 to 27 Aug 2017
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Tickets - Standard: $39.00
Concession: $35.00
Student: $29.00

Duration - 65 minutes, no interval

Differences between us are often the most surprising points of connection.

A few years ago, Adriano Cortese, the director of Intimacy, was living above a shop on a street filled with bars, cafes and restaurants, in Melbourne Australia. One night he decided he wanted to meet some new people so he walked onto the street and introduced himself to strangers walking past.

This was the beginning of a night filled with intense personal dialogue and shared intimacy. This work is based on this event and subsequent meetings with various strangers .Divided into four seamlessly connected scenes, we witness one person as he experiences the intimate lives of others and is confronted with his own. Why is it sometimes easier to be honest with a total stranger than with someone we know? Is this really honesty or just another performance, Intimacy explores the personal and often very intimate revelations that occur when strangers meet.

Ranters Theatre is interested in the nature of performance ...more
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