Impending Everyone
Impending Everyone
Canberra Youth Theatre
The Courtyard Studio - The Canberra Theatre Centre
21 Oct 2020 to 24 Oct 2020
View Session Times
Adult $25.00
Concession $22.00

Duration - Approx 80 mins, no interval
Not suitable for children
Coarse language

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I can see who you really are, and I promise, by the end of lunch tomorrow, you will know who everyone else is, too. This cannot be stopped. The truth is impending. Everyone will know you soon enough.

Someone at school has gained access to everyone’s internet history, messages, and metadata. All the things everyone’s looked up and written. They plan to release them. But the students can’t let this happen. They have secrets that can’t come out, and less than one day to stop their release.

Impending Everyone explores what happens when we have to own up to the things we’ve said, when anonymity is stripped away and our desires are laid bare. It is a timely work amid the rise of technology and the erosion of our rights to privacy. The work provokes questions around identity: who we are, how we are perceived by our peers, and the impacts the internet and social media are having on our lives.




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