The Book of Everything
The Book of Everything
Canberra Repertory Society
Naone Carrel Auditorium (Theatre 3)
12 Sep 2013 to 28 Sep 2013
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Tickets - $40 full price
$35 concession/Group 10+
$30 Preview
$20 Under 30s

Duration - 150 minutes

9 year old Thomas Kloppers is writing a book, which will explain everything – the fish in the canal; the local witch, Mrs van Amerhorst; the beautiful girl with the leather leg; and the way to act when confronted with fear and wrong.


"It's not quite right to say that The Book of Everything is one of the best children's shows in town. It's one of the best shows, period" (New York Post).

Jerry Hearn
Miles Thompson
Lachlan Ruffy
Madeline Kennedy
Tamina Koehne-Drube
Helen Vaughan-Roberts
Liz de Totth
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