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StageCenta's booking system was fantastic, it saved us countless hours selling and managing our ticket sales. 

The service is fantastic, friendly and extremely cost effective. Thank you for taking the stress out of the ticket selling process! 

Chantelle Lawson
Business Manager
Gungahlin College

StageCenta is a game-changer for managing production ticketing! The all-inclusive ticket booking and management system is so organised, intuitive, user-friendly and cost effective not just for me but for my clients purchasing tickets. I love the 24hr availability which allows me to manage bookings for my productions when it suits me. 

The customer service is second to none. Richard and the team are professional, competent and most importantly, available.

Engaging StageCenta for my ticketing needs saves me hours upon hours and allows me to focus on the fun creative stuff (preparing my production) rather than the boring stressful admin stuff!

StageCenta offers a blue-ribbon service I have been using StageCenta since its inception and I can't imagine staging a production without it. I can't recommend StageCenta enough. 

Natalie Pearse

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Fountain Lakes comes to Canberra!

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Featured  performer
Actor Chanelle Freeland

Chanelle Freeland has recently returned to Sydney after performing in the lively cities of Berlin, Paris and Vienna, where she worked on a Dinner Show and amongst her long legged follies in a Parisian cabaret. She has worked three contracts touring the world on a luxurious 6 star Cruise Ship, where she worked as a professional dancer. Chanelle also co-starred in a children's entertainment theatre show at Hayes theatre in Potts Point. 

Currently, Chanelle is working aboard Sydney Showboat's as a showgirl. Chanelle has been involved in the industry for over a decade, where she has performed at multiple events in and around the state, working amongst the likes of Kelly Rowland and performing at Events such as Sydney Festival and Short + Sweet Dance.

As well as her extensive Dance experience, Chanelle is also an aspiring Presenter & Actor, having worked on a Feature Film (‘Goodnight Gloria’) whilst living and working in London. She is also a Presenter for the up & coming series PROM TV.

Alongside her professional credits, Chanelle has taught Dance, Drama & Musical Theatre for the past 10 years in studios around Sydney.

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Mike Oldfield's Turbular Bells
Featured  show
Mike Oldfield's Turbular Bells

Live in Concert Gold Anniversary

Following its successful sold-out 50th Anniversary run in the UK & Europe, Tubular Bells in Concert is now heading to Australia in August 2024. 

The Gold Anniversary of Mike Oldfield’s trailblazing magnum-opus will be performed by an expansive live group, featuring and arranged by Mike Oldfield’s long-term collaborator, Robin A Smith. 

The concert will see Tubular Bells performed in full, along with further Oldfield compositions, including “Moonlight Shadow”, “To France”, “Family Man”, and excerpts from “Ommadawn”. 

Tubular Bells was the debut studio album by English multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter Mike Oldfield conceived in 1971 and finally released in 1973. Oldfield, who was just 17 years old when he started composing the music, recorded and played almost all of the instruments on the album. It gained worldwide acclaim when the opening theme was used for the soundtrack of the horror film, The Exorcist, and the album went on to become the highest-selling instrumental album of all time.

Robin A Smith has worked with Mike Oldfield for over 25 years, collaborating on Tubular Bells 2 and 3 including live performances at Edinburgh Castle, Horseguards Parade in London, The Millennium Bell in Berlin, and the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony. Robin has also worked with diverse artists including Rod Stewart, Goldie, Andrea Bocelli, Enrique, The 2 Cellos, and Luciano Pavarotti.

“The show was premiered at the Royal Festival Hall in London in August 2021 to great acclaim as an early celebration of and tribute to Mike - who in my view is one of England’s greatest composers in the last century. Along with the musicians, it’s a real privilege to be performing this extraordinary work. It’s as fresh today as it was when Mike created it in 1971 - and I love having the chance to bring it to new audiences as well as those who, like me, are still captivated by it whenever they hear it.

“The wonderful thing about Tubular Bells is that it never seems to age. It takes you on a journey through progressive rock and electronica, blues, folk, jazz and classical and along the way evokes such melodic beauty and drama. We’ve had plenty of tears from the audience and so many wonderful stories of their first experience with Tubular Bells.” Robin A Smith

Mike Oldfield will not appear at these performances.

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