StageCenta Ticketing
StageCenta Ticketing has been designed from the ground up to be as user-friendly and functional for theatre companies as possible. Our ticketing commissions are highly competitive with other online ticketing systems and we offer telephone bookings and support as well!

  • We develop a COVID safe seating plan for you and help maximise your occupancy.
  • Our COVID trained team then take into consideration the size of bookings, to release more tickets as sales are made to maximise seats availability
  • With capped audience numbers, we help you find additional revenue in a way that enhances the experience for your audience
  • While we hope your show can run as planned, you should know we charge NO cancellation fees if you have to cancel your show for any reason, and we’ll help take the stress off you by managing ALL the refunds to customers
  • Finally, we provide contactless ticket so your team and audience members can keep a contact-free, safe distance
  • If restrictions tighten and we have to reduce the size of an audience we will transfer the excess bookings to another session or refund with no additional fees.
  • No fuss, easy to use 24 hour online bookings
  • 5 days a week telephone sales and support
  • No setup fees
  • Sell allocated seats or general theatre seating. You can even sell seats at tables!
  • Turn any foyer into a box office with just your laptop and a printer
  • Take credit card payments at the door
  • Easy self-managed complimentary tickets
  • On demand sales reporting
  • Receive all customers names and email addresses
  • Advertise your next show or your sponsors on your tickets
  • Setup discount vouchers
  • Receive your sales funds within 7 days of your last show
“Stagecenta’s booking system was fantastic, it saved us countless hours selling and managing our ticket sales. The service is fantastic, friendly and extremely cost effective. Thank you for taking the stress out of the ticket selling process!”

Gungahlin College

“Would highly recommend this company! A pleasure to deal with and so very helpful.Takes the stress of selling tickets away and allows us to focus on our show. Fantastic platform for us theatre people!”

The Attic Theatrical - 2020

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Q. What does it cost to use StageCenta Ticketing?
A. The only cost incurred by a theatre company or venue is the ticketing commission on each booking sold through StageCenta. These charges are 15 cents per booking + 3% of the total ticket price of that booking.

Q. Are there other fees charged by StageCenta?
A. Yes, there is a booking fee for each booking through StageCenta of $2.50 for online sales. However, this is charged to the person making the booking and not the theatre company or venue. There is also a $5.50 transfer charge to move tickets from one session to another charged to the person changing their booking.

Q. How do I self-manage complimentary tickets?
A. There are two ways you can do this. You can either simply remove seats for sale by clicking on them in the seating plan or you can allocate the tickets to specific people. To allocate them to specific people you select the seats you want, enter the person's (or business) name and their email address and the tickets will be sent directly to them. If you rather they pick them up at the theatre you just email the tickets to yourself and print them out.

Q. How does StageCenta Ticketing handle Door Sales?
A. StageCenta ticketing has a 'Door Sales' function built in. When you are logged in as your theatre company or venue to the StageCenta website you can sell tickets at the door by choosing the seats, selecting 'Cash Sale' or 'Credit Card', completing the payment and then printing off the tickets. It's that easy!

Q. Is there a ticketing fee charged on door sales?
A. There is no booking fee or ticketing fee for CASH door sales. However, door sales done by credit card do attract the standard ticketing commission of 15 cents + 3%.

Q. Can you cater for shows with a dinner and show package?
A. Yes! On StageCenta you can set up as many ticketing types as you need, such as: adult, concession, child etc., including dinner and show. When someone purchases a dinner and show ticket an email will be sent directly to the restaurant to advise them of their booking.

Q. How quickly can I get my show’s tickets up for sale?
A. Once we receive the seating plan for your show we can usually have your tickets on sale the next business day.

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