Lucy BerminghamLucy Bermingham
Lucy was born and bred in Canberra and comes from a large musical family. She has been a musician since she could walk and talk. Lucy's main musical passions have always been singing and playing the piano. She was a member of the Woden Valley Youth Choir from the age of 9. She was the choir's official accompanist at the age of 18.
In her College years, Lucy studied piano at the Canberra School of Music under the tuition of John Luxton and went on to study Performance as part of a Bachelor of Music. It was during this time that Lucy discovered musical theatre and she was the repetiteur for her first musical at the age of 18. She has been a part of the Amateur Music Theatre scene in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne for the last 20 years.
In 1996 Lucy joined the Australian Regular Army and was a member of the Band of the Royal Military College and the Australian Army Band Sydney both with whom she travelled on several tours of duty to East Timor, Bougainville and
the Solomon Islands. She was commissioned to the rank of Lieutenant in 2005 and posted back to the RMC Band as the second in command in July 2006. She was promoted to the rank of Captain in December 2007. In September 2008 she left the Army and joined the staff of the Canberra Theatre Centre.
In 2008 she was a soloist with and was also a member of the Canberra Pops Orchestra and is currently the conductor of the Woden Valley Youth Choir's Intermediate Choir and the Australian Rugby Choir.
Lucy is now a freelance musician, a teacher of piano and singing and the Office Manager for the Royal Australian Regiment Foundation.
With a new little person in tow she is very grateful to the cast for their patience, Nick for being the best assistant MD and Libby for being the best babysitter in the world so she could keep the dream alive.

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