To Kill A Mockingbird
Canberra Repertory
Audition Dates
At any time by arrangement with the Director, Anne Somes. Please email for further information.

PLEASE NOTE that these auditions are specifically to fill the roles of Tom Robinson and Rev Sykes. They are both African American.
Rehearsal Days
Tuesday evenings
Wednesday evenings
Tom Robinson role requires a non-Caucasian male actor, in his 20s or 30s
Rev Sykes role requires a non-Caucasian actor, age 40 - 70
Audition Bookings
Canberra Repertory Society
6257 1950
mb_audition (at)

Show Running Info
Naone Carrel Auditorium (Theatre 3)
28 Mar 2019 to 13 Apr 2019

The plot of To Kill a Mockingbird revolves around main character Scout Finch. She lives with her father, Atticus, and brother, Jem. Atticus is a widower, and Scout has no mother. The family resides in a fictional Alabama town called Maycomb, which is in the grips of the great depression. It’s 1935, and racial tensions are high in Maycomb, Alabama. Nonetheless, young Jean Louise Finch—or Scout, as she is fondly called—manages to live a rather carefree, privileged existence, insulated from issues of race. All that changes when Scout watches her father, Atticus Finch, defend an innocent man, Tom Robinson, against a potential death sentence, which looms threateningly against him because of prejudice due to race. Scout begins to realize that just because society portrays something as being true doesn’t mean that it actually is fact. With the help of Atticus, and her older brother Jem, Scout learns that “growing up” often means doing what is right, even when it comes at great cost. To Kill a ...more


Thomas "Tom" Robinson - from non-Caucasian background. Tom is put on trial for the rape of a white woman, Mayella Ewell. Atticus is assigned to defend him and stands up to a lynch mob intent on exacting their own justice against him before the trial begins. Tom's left arm is crippled and useless, the result of an accident with a cotton gin when he was a child. Atticus uses this fact as the cornerstone of his defense strategy, pointing out that the nature of Mayella's facial injuries strongly suggest a left-handed assailant.

Reverend Sykes - From a non-Caucasian background. He is the reverend of the First Purchase M.E. African Church in Maycomb County, where most if not all of the African-American characters go to church. He is an authority figure amongst the African-American community. It should be noted that the name is derived from the first money earned by freed slaves which was used to build the church. Gospel singer.

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