Audtion for The Gap: Your Path to Hollywood Audtion for The Gap: Your Path to Hollywood
The Actors' Hub
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The Actors' Hub (WA)
8 Jan 2019 to 28 Feb 2019

IN THE past six years, The Actors’ Hub has become something of a success story – and two of its most recent graduates are now represented by Australia’s top casting agents.

Adam Leeuwenhart and Chris Tomaszewski completed The Gap training program at The Actors’ Hub in 2018, readying them for a career in the industry.

Leeuwenhart has signed with Morrissey Management – which also represents the Hemsworth brothers – and Tomaszewski has signed with Kermond Management, responsible for casting talent in Aquaman, Doctor Doctor, Neighbours and Home and Away.

“I came into The Gap program tired of feeling like I was failing in the thing that I loved,” Leeuwenhart said.

“I wanted to be a world-class actor but was lacking the ability, knowhow and confidence to be there.

“The Actors’ Hub training was individualised and helped me to be a better actor, teaching me how to take characters from the page and bring them to life, as well as different techniques and different styles of theatr ...more

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