No Bed of Roses: black comedy and 1960s lust blossoms
No Bed of Roses: black comedy and 1960s lust blossoms
Old Mill Theatre
Old Mill Theatre
5 Apr 2013 to 20 Apr 2013
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Tickets - Tickets are $25, $20 concession
Duration - 150 minutes
Not suitable for children
Coarse language

NEVER invite someone into your home without considering the consequences – especially if you’ve confused lust for love.

Set in early 1960s London, the black comedy No Bed of Roses comes to the Old Mill Theatre this April and explores what happens when a controlling woman invites a stranger into her house and life.

She thinks she loves him and demands her husband accept the situation but, without realising who the stranger really is or what he wants, circumstances spiral out of control.

No Bed of Roses is written and directed by award-winning local writer Noel O’Neill, inspired by his time in London as a seven-year-old through to his mid-teens.

“I wanted to write this play because I have always somehow been locked into the ’60s and the kitchen sink dramas that were popular in theatre at the time,” he said.

“Those times come back to me very easily so I wanted to paint a picture of them, adding black comedy.

“Music was also important because it speaks for the times.”

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