Bell Shakespeare
Sydney Opera House - Drama Theatre
26 Jul 2014 to 23 Aug 2014
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Preview $45
Standard $75 - $79
Concession $65 - $72
Senior $68 - $75
Group 8+ $65 - $72
Under 30 $35 - $48

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$8.50 - Contact Centre
$8.50 - Internet
$5.00 - Box Office Counter

Duration - 2.5 hours, incl 20 min interval

Bell Shakespeare presents

By the time he's reached middle age, Orgon is the toast of Sydney's high society. He has a lucrative career, a plush home and a trophy wife - but he feels spiritually bankrupt.

Religious guru Tartuffe appears to have the solution, and he moves into Orgon's home to offer salvation. The trouble is, Orgon's family don't want to be saved by Tartuffe; they can see he is a hypocrite and a fraud. He also proves to be a wily adversary, adept at getting out of the tightest of corners. Tartuffe exploits Orgon's blind faith, deceiving his host into betrothing him to his daughter, before making a play for his wealth and his wife. The family decide that desperate times call for desperate measures and hatch an audacious plot to expose Tartuffe. But time is running out and the arch manipulator has even more dirty tricks up his sleeve...

The chance to see Molière's classic seventeenth century play Tartuffe only comes along once in a blue moon - and the chan ...more
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