The Hatpin
The Hatpin
Old Mill Theatre
Old Mill Theatre
11 Jul 2014 to 26 Jul 2014
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Tickets - Tickets are $30, $25 concession book at or on 9367 8719.
Duration - 140 mins

ONE of Australia’s darkest child murder cases seems an unlikely topic for a musical – but despite its macabre origins, The Hatpin is a story of hope, courage and a mother’s undying love for her child.

Written by WA Academy of Performing Arts graduates James Millar and Peter Rutherford, the musical makes its WA premiere at the Old Mill Theatre this July directed by Graeme Johnson with musical direction from Paul Lawrence Olsen.

Inspired by the true story of Amber Murray, The Hatpin tells of how she unwittingly gave up her son in 1892 to a notorious Sydney “baby farming” family, giving them support payments while looking for work.

But they actually murdered the child and were eventually arrested and tried for killing several other infants, leading to one of the most moving criminal trials in Australian history.

“The Hatpin is unlike most popular musicals,” Johnson said. “Deeply powerful and moving, its attraction lies not in flashing lights, catchy tunes or massive dance numb ...more
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