Wife After Death
Wife After Death
Melville Theatre
Melville Theatre
21 Nov 2014 to 6 Dec 2014
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Tickets - Tickets are $20, $15 concession book on 9330 4565 or at www.meltheco.org.au.
Duration - 120

A SECRET life will soon be exposed at a funeral and the bombshell will cause tempers – and ashes – to fly.

It’s all part of Melville Theatre’s latest production Wife After Death, written by Eric Chappell and directed by Joan Scafe.

Set at the funeral of successful television comedian Dave Thursby, his friends and family soon discover they know less about him than they imagined.

A series of revelations uncover some home truths while everyone tries to keep up appearances for the sake of his widow – and then an unexpected and unexplained mourner arrives.

Playwright Eric Chappell is an English comedy writer who wrote several of the UK's biggest sitcom hits during the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s, including The Squirrels, Rising Damp, Only When I Laugh, The Bounder, Duty Free, Singles, Haggard and Home to Roost.

Scafe was attracted to the play after reading a summary and buying the script.

“The fact that Tom Conti played the lead in England could also have influenced me because I ...more
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