The Australian Ballet  presents

21 May 2015 to 26 May 2015

Love conquers death in this ultimate Romantic ballet. A village girl falls in love with a man who is not all he seems. When she finds out his deception, she dies of a broken heart. Transformed into a spirit, she battles to save her lover in a wood haunted by the cold and angry ghosts of jilted women.

Since its premiere in 1841, Giselle has captured the imagination and torn at the heart. Maina Gielgud’s acclaimed production for The Australian Ballet, with Peter Farmer’s atmospheric designs, perfectly captures the ballet’s dramatic blend of real-life passions and otherworldly apparitions.

Yearning, madness, supernatural forces and transcendent, redemptive love: Giselle is the Romantic era crystallised in one perfect work of art. The Australian Ballet first performed on the Canberra Theatre stage for our opening performance in June 1965 and returns in 2015 to celebrate our 50th birthday.
Join us for an wonderful night of ballet, beauty and athleticism.
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