Avenue Q Avenue Q
Trifle Theatre Company
Chapel Off Chapel - The Loft
25 Mar 2015 to 11 Apr 2015
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Tickets - $38.50 - $43.50
Duration - 135 minutes
Not suitable for children
Contains loud noises
Strobe lighting effects used
Simulated sex scenes
Drug use
Coarse language
Smoke effects used
Full puppet nudity

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Trifle Theatre Company presents

‘Winner of the Tony® TRIPLE CROWN for BEST MUSICAL, BEST SCORE and BEST BOOK, AVENUE Q is part flesh, part felt and packed with heart.

This laugh-out-loud, adults-only, Sesame Street parody* is definitely not for the kids. It tells the timeless tale of new graduate Princeton, with his B.A in English, who is done with college and ready to take on the world. He moves into a shabby New York apartment in the only neighbourhood he can afford: on Avenue Q. There, Princeton meets Kate (the girl next door), Rod and Nicky (housemates bearing an uncanny resemblance to Bert and Ernie), Trekkie Monster (a reclusive internet sexpert), and other colourful neighbours. Together, they cope with their everyday struggles and help Princeton on his voyage to discover his purpose in life.

*Not actually associated with Sesame Street.

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Avenue QAvenue Q
Chapel Off Chapel - The Loft
Show finished on 11 Apr 2015
Trifle Theatre Company
Tickets - $38.50 - $43.50
Duration - 135 minutes
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