Hail Mary: world premiere of fun nun comedy
Hail Mary: world premiere of fun nun comedy
Old Mill Theatre
Old Mill Theatre
10 Apr 2015 to 24 Apr 2015
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Tickets - Tickets are $25, $20 concession book at http://oldmilltheatre.com.au/tickets or on 9367 8719.
Duration - 120 mins

A DAVID versus Goliath story comes to the fore at the Old Mill Theatre this April as a group of nuns try to save their convent from demolition and being turned into a housing estate.

Written and directed by prolific Perth playwright Noel O’Neill, Hail Mary is an irreverent comedy about some unconventional nuns who discover their Swan Valley convent is to be sold because of its high operating costs.

A young nun with a vivid imagination insists she has seen the Virgin Mary walking on the convent roof, inspiring the nuns to proclaim the convent a holy place.

Visitors flock to the convent and the spin-off from selling the nuns’ home-made wine and bread soon helps to raise money.

The Archbishop hurries to find out what’s going on and, although initially suspicious, concedes the money-making efforts do not contravene any Christian principles.

“I really have no idea where half of my ideas come from,” O’Neill, who also plays Father Costello, said. “I wanted to do something comed ...more
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