Dolls From The Sky
Dolls From The Sky
Old Mill Theatre
Old Mill Theatre
2 Sep 2015 to 5 Sep 2015
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Tickets - All tickets are $20 book at or on 9367 8719.
Duration - 45 mins

A WORLD premiere at the Old Mill Theatre this September ponders whether the war is really over when a Polish migrant works as a housekeeper for an Australian ex-serviceman.

Written by Yvette Wall and directed by Mary Wolfla, Dolls From The Sky is set in 1953 and explores bigotry, racism, grief and various struggles as the former serviceman is visited by local parishioners who cause tensions to rise as various truths are revealed.

The show is part of the theatre’s short play season, titled An Anzac Duo, and was inspired by Wall’s parents’ journey as post-war immigrants to Australia.

“Some of the Polish character’s journey in Dolls From The Sky is based on my mother’s actual story,” Wall said. “She came out from east Africa on the General WC Langfitt to Fremantle in 1950.

“My father arrived from British India in 1948 and had a keen interest in World War II history that he passed on to me.

“I did some historical research to write this play – it’s dedicated to my parents.”
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