Presented by State Theatre Company and Brink Productions
By Molière, adapted by Phillip Kavanagh

A comedy about self-serving, truth-denying, power-seeking hypocrites never gets old.

Orgon leads a blissful, happy life. His extravagant and wealthy lifestyle is perfectly complemented by a marriage to a much younger woman. His daughter is engaged and his son is in love. But when he welcomes the deceptively slick Tartuffe into his family, he unwittingly injects his home with a lethal dose of chaos. Nothing is off limits as Tartuffe exploits Orgon to pilfer his fortune and attempt the seduction of his wife and his daughter. Can the family fight back before it’s too late?

First performed in 1664, Molière’s side-splitting classic combines adultery, betrayal, seduction, lies and deceit with the precisely organised chaos that is known as farce.

Proudly co-produced with Brink Productions, Tartuffe sees director Chris Drummond reunite with Adelaide comedic favourites Nathan O’Kee ...more
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