Shaun Micallef and Francis Greenslade play the famous mismatched due in this comedy classic, directed by Peter Houghton.

Everything’s set for the regular poker game at Oscar’s place, but where’s Felix? He’s never late. A call to his wife reveals that she and Felix have split up and he’s taken it pretty hard. When he finally arrives, in shock, distraught, with thoughts to end it all, Oscar makes a proposal. Why not move in here with him? Think about it – two bachelors living together, fancy free, no wives getting on their nerves. It’ll be paradise!

Neil Simon’s classic comedy about divorced men living together might be, perversely, the world’s funniest play about marriage. Has there ever been such a mismatch than this between the curmudgeonly slob Oscar Madison and the pernickety Felix Ungar? Can a seven-room Manhattan apartment ever be big enough for both of them?

Countless revivals, three TV series and a hit film testify to the sure-fire hilarity of The Odd Couple. All a prod ...more
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