Moby Dick, Widows Peak & Under The Rainbow
Moby Dick, Widows Peak & Under The Rainbow
Old Mill Theatre
Old Mill Theatre
7 Sep 2016 to 10 Sep 2016
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Tickets - All tickets are $20 book on 9367 8719 or email
Duration - 100 mins

WHAT happens when you take a classic 685-page novel about a large aquatic mammal and try to encapsulate it in a 25-minute play?

The answer lies in Moby Dick, adapted by Michael Green from the original Herman Melville tale, and directed by Sarah Christiner as part of the Old Mill Theatre’s short play season this September.

It’s the epic story of a man's obsession with vengeance against a mammoth sperm whale which previously had destroyed his ship.

But the telling is a little different – Green is a pioneer of a theatrical style known as “coarse acting” which is a spoof of things in theatre going wrong.

“Effectively, it’s very bad theatre taken very seriously,” Christiner, who also plays the scarred seamen, said.

“Green’s Moby Dick script, while being fraught with theatrical faux pas, actually does manage to capture the essential moments and message of Melville's saga.

“The cast is comprised of people who have mostly all worked together before and I knew I could trust th ...more
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