NUTS Presents: The Tempest NUTS Presents: The Tempest
National University Theatre Society
Black Mountain Peninsula (Open-air performance)
12 Oct 2016 to 15 Oct 2016
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Tickets - NUTS VIP $10
Concession $15
Adult $20
2 Concession Tickets & Picnic Basket $60
2 Adult Tickets & Picnic Basket $70

Duration - 150 minutes

In an exciting outdoor incarnation of Shakespeare’s classic, a storm brews on the ocean near a seemingly deserted island, leaving a group of nobles from Milan stranded. Little known to them, the overthrown duke, Prospero, inhabits the magical island and desires revenge. Adventure ensues from destruction as Shakespeare’s cast emerge from the storm transformed. Here upon the island, each finds freedom yet is bound in servitude to the wild forces of nature. Will the deposed duke seek vengeance, or forgiveness, in the name of freedom?
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