Noises Off Noises Off
Canberra Repertory Society
Canberra REP Theatre
17 Nov 2016 to 3 Dec 2016
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Adult - $42
Concession - $36
Group of 6+ - $35
Preview - $33
Under 30s (door only) - $20

Duration - 150 minutes

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That's what it's all about, doors and sardines...That's farce. That's theatre. That's life. 

Onstage, it's sardines, adultery, burglary and confusion. Backstage there are rivalries, broken doors, befuddled co-stars and a cactus. Either way, it's farce from multiple angles.

Artistic Team
Cate Clelland
Lainie Hart
Alex McPherson
Brendan Kelly
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