Erths Prehistoric Aquarium Erths Prehistoric Aquarium
12 Sep 2017 to 13 Sep 2017
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Tickets - Standard $24.00
Family 4+ (per ticket) $20.00

Duration - 50 minutes, no interval
This show may contain strobe lighting, and fog / haze effects. This show is for children aged 5 and up.

DEEP BELOW THE SURFACE, SUBMERGED BELOW TIME, SWAM SOME OF THE WORLD’S MOST AMAZING PREHISTORIC MARINE REPTILESFollowing the internationally loved and applauded show Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo™, the team at Erth have spent years scouring the seven seas, collecting playful prehistoric creatures of the deep in their giant aquarium. For the very first time, you are invited to dive in and meet these aquatic critters in person.

What does a Plesiosaur’s skin feel like? How big are a Kronosaurus’ teeth? And do Kimberella even wear shoes? Erth’s skilled handlers will be able to answer all these questions and more in this once in a lifetime interactive theatre experience at Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium.

Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium encourages children to step into the action of the performance. Performers will invite a small number of carefully selected young divers to join them each show on their quest to the bottom of the ocean to ‘swim’ with an amazing array of aquatic creatures from bygone era ...more
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