Dreamers Of The Day Dreamers Of The Day
The Song Company
The Street Theatre - Street 1
8 Sep 2017 to 8 Sep 2017
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Tickets - Standard:$65.00
Under 30:$40.00

Duration - 70 minutes, no interval

A fantastical musical adventure exploring an Inception-like series of nested dreams.
From ambiguous start to surprising finish, this program sets out to fragment and distort the listener’s experience of slowly waking from sleep, with the focus on changing perceptions of time – at times pulsing and pacy, at others hazy and elusive – with new arrangements of some iconic pieces of Classical music, culminating in a part-minimalist, part-improvisatory soundtrack of four pianos plus electronic and real percussion, a talking clock, and a twilight heroine on a kaleidoscopic ride through states of semi-consciousness, where the stretching of the harmonic rhythm of the final Contrapunctus from J.S.Bach’s Art of Fugue portrays the fluidity of psychological time against the primordial relentlessness of the clock and Time itself.

Program includes
Steve Reich Clapping Music
Stravinsky Otche Nash’
Handel (arr.) Zadok the Priest
J.S. Bach arr. W.Swingle Sleepers, awake!
J.S. Bach The Art of Fu ...more
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