Nol Cowards Design For Living
Noel Coward's Design For Living
Old Mill Theatre
Old Mill Theatre
21 Apr 2017 to 6 May 2017
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Tickets - Tickets are $25, $20 concession book at or on 0475 895 701.
Duration - 180 mins
Not suitable for children

A NOËL Coward romantic comedy – initially banned in the UK – will take audiences on a wickedly witty journey from Paris to London and New York as part of the Old Mill Theatre’s latest offering.

Directed by Barry Park, Design For Living is a provocative play that portrays three amoral, glib and stylish characters and their hopelessly inescapable, if also unconventional, emotional entanglement.

From 1930s bohemian Paris to the dizzying heights of Manhattan society, a tempestuous love triangle unravels between vivacious interior designer Gilda, playwright Leo and artist Otto – three people unashamedly and passionately in love with each other.

“They are trapped in what one of the characters refers to as ‘a three-sided erotic hodgepodge’,” Park said.

“It’s a lively and funny but also atypical play that looks at dazzling, egotistical creatures and their self-destructive dependence on each other.

“I’d describe it as a stylish and scandalous comedy, exploring themes of bisexuali ...more
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