Stop Kiss
Stop Kiss
Melville Theatre
Melville Theatre
8 Sep 2017 to 23 Sep 2017
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Tickets - Tickets are $20, $15 concession book on 9330 4565 or at
Duration - 90 mins
Not suitable for children
Coarse language
Adult themes

ONE moment can change everything – an idea explored in the latest offering from Melville Theatre.

Written by Diana Son and directed by Vanessa Jensen, Stop Kiss is a poignant and funny play about the ways, both sudden and slow, that lives can change irrevocably.

After Callie meets Sara, the two unexpectedly fall in love and their first kiss provokes a violent attack that transforms their lives in a way they could never anticipate.

Playwright Son has vast television experience as a writer and producer on shows such as The West Wing, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Southland, Love is a Four Letter Word and 13 Reasons Why.

“The play is not all about that first kiss, nor the hate crime, but more about how choices shape your life,” Jensen said.

“It could be whether you choose to kiss someone, leave someone for something new, intervene or ignore the obvious or, conversely, not being able to make a choice at all or having choices taken away from you.

“The play is beautifully w ...more
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