Making Twelfth Night a delight: finding the fun in Shakespeare
Making Twelfth Night a delight: finding the fun in Shakespeare
Melville Theatre
Melville Theatre
21 Jun 2013 to 6 Jul 2013
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Tickets - Tickets are $18, $14 concession.
Duration - 150 minutes

LEAVE your assumptions at the door: Melville Theatre is bringing the curtain up on the fun to be found in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Director Jeffrey Watkins said people either treated the play as a dark drama or dark comedy – but he had never seen it that way.

“Every time I read Twelfth Night, I always find it full of incredible humour, tensions, drama and fun,” the self-confessed lover of Shakespeare said.

“I have never found it dark and thought this would be an opportunity to investigate this approach of finding the fun in the play.”

Twelfth Night is about finding love and acceptance and follows Viola who, after surviving a disastrous sea voyage, has to assume the identity of a young boy to make her way in the world.

Her plans are complicated when she falls for new boss, Duke Orsino, who loves someone else – and that someone else then falls for Viola’s disguise.

When Viola’s lost brother arrives, he is mistaken for the boy Viola is impersonating and a series of m ...more
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