Animal Farm
Animal Farm
State Theatre Company of South Australia
Adelaide Festival Centre - Space Theatre
21 Mar 2019 to 30 Mar 2019
View Session Times
Adult $76.00
Concession $66.00
Under 30 years $34.00
Primary/Secondary Student $30.00

Duration - 2 hrs


A blistering new one-man version of George Orwell's political classic.

Presented by State Theatre Company

By George Orwell


Revolution is coming to Manor Farm.

Under the guidance of some rebellious pigs, a group of farm animals unite to drive out their cruel human oppressors and build utopia. But the swine are not as united as they appear and their division gives rise to a terrifying new system of power and repression.

Written in the 1940s as a response to the rise of authoritarian governments around the world, Animal Farm is a searing and timeless examination of extremist rule.

In his final production as Artistic Director, Geordie Brookman and the mercurial Renato Musolino join forces to create a scintillating take on one of the greatest stories of English literature. A sublime and unadorned piece of theatrical storytelling Animal Farm will see Musolino inhabit upwards of 20 characters, from the revolutionary pigs to the stoic draft horse and the tyrannical ...more
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