Gullivers Travels
Gullivers Travels
Familia de la Noche and Hartstone-Kitney Productions
Holden Street Theatre
15 Feb 2019 to 3 Mar 2019
View Session Times
Tickets - Preview - $20, Cheap Tuesday - $20, Full Price $26.00, Concession - $23.00, Child - $15.00, Family - $16.25, Bank SA Customer - $20.25, YEP - $13.50, Pass Holder Discount - $17.00
Duration - 60 minutes

Gulliver was extraordinary; A renowned and enigmatic journalist, telling tales of strange and undiscovered corners of the globe and garnering worldwide attention. Journeying from the tiny towers of Liliput to the looming giants of Brobdignag, Familia de la Noche unravel the true story of Gulliver's Travels and the reality of a woman living in a man's world.

Using their highly visual style and pulling from their expertise in film, puppetry and story-telling, Familia de la Noche have created a contemporary, hilarious and heart-rending take on the Jonathan Swift classic.

"What it would be like to stroll through the inside of Tim Burton's and Terry Gilliam's minds." Such Small Portions.

"Consistently brilliant... extraordinary" Three Weeks
"Sublime" The Skinny

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