Queensland Ballet
5 Nov 2019 to 10 Nov 2019
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Premium $94.00
Premium Concession $84.00
Premium Group $84.00
Premium Child $79.00
Premium Under 27 $69.00
Premium Family $69.00
A Reserve $79.00
A Reserve Concession $69.00

Duration - 132 minutes, including 2 intervals


Love triumphs with a sprinkling of fairy magic.Dancing with a handsome Prince, wearing a glittering gown in a candlelit ballroom — such fanciful dreams were only in Cinderella’s imagination. Until the day her life of hardship is magically transformed by her Fairy Godmother!

Making a dazzling entrance to the royal ball, she captures the attention of all and the heart of the Prince. Yet her beautiful dream must end at midnight, and in her haste to depart, she leaves one jewelled slipper behind…

Charming, humorous and blissfully romantic, Ben Stevenson’s acclaimed production of Cinderella is perfect fairy-tale entertainment for everyone.

“…beautifully crafted ballet.”Denise Richardson, Dance Australia

“The world’s most popular fairy-tale has never looked or sounded better.” Peter Pinne, Stage Whispers

“ Queensland Ballet dancers breathe so much personality and life into their performance of these well-known characters, making Cinderella a playful, magical, and unexpect ...more
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