Rules for Living Rules for Living
Sydney Theatre Company
Sydney Opera House - Drama Theatre
26 Oct 2020 to 12 Dec 2020
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Duration - Approx 2hrs 30mins incl interval
Coarse language
Sexual references

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Meet the family. Edith is a highly-strung matriarch who prepares for lunch like it’s a military offensive. Youngest son Matthew, a frustrated actor and reluctant lawyer, longs for a different career … and for his brother’s wife. But Sheena, peeved and prickling for an argument, longs only for a drink. It’s Christmas – what could possibly go wrong?

Sam Holcroft’s audacious script cranks the familial tension up to 11 using narrative tricks that clue the audience into a joke of which the hapless characters are unaware. Frenetically funny, Rules for Living is about all those expectations and roles that life sets upon us – and the tics and twitches that betray us when we struggle to shake them off.

Susanna Dowling makes her STC directorial debut with a brilliant ensemble cast including Heather Mitchell (The Harp in the South), Michelle Lim Davidson (Banging Denmark) and Logie Award-winner Hazem Shammas.

Timed for the silly season, Rules For Living is the most deliciously dysfu ...more
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