The Wharf Revue
The Wharf Revue
Sydney Theatre Company
Touring Show
23 Oct 2013 to 21 Dec 2013
Duration - 90 mins (no interval)
Not suitable for children
Strobe lighting effects used
Coarse language
Smoke effects used

Tour Dates and Locations
15 Oct 201319 Oct 2013The Playhouse
Tickets: $63-$35 ...more
23 Oct 201321 Dec 2013Wharf 1 Theatre (Sydney Theatre)
Tickets: $45-$63 ...more

That singing, dancing extravaganza, The Wharf Revue, returns with bite for an annual dose of razor-sharp satire and special blend of side-splitting sketches and musical hilarity.

The mighty and ridiculous will duck for cover as The Wharf Revue team swoops in for another go at poking politics and popular culture in the eye with its carefully sharpened satire stick.

At least we can count on the Federal Election for delivering one good news story: the provision of plenty of new material for these talented satirists...Whoops! They know they can run, but they can’t hide – nothing and no-one will be spared! Combining a cast of colourful characters – Eddie Obeid, Ian Macdonald, Cardinal George Pell, Simon Thomson, Tony Abbott, Gina Rinehart, Clive Palmer and Julia Gillard, and Phil Scott’s boisterous songs; the Wharf Revue will be packed full of up-to-the-minute satire which makes it such a hit year after year.

When Amanda Bishop, Simon Burke and Andrew Worboys join Jonathan Biggins ...more
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