Junkyard Beats presents

17 Sep 2021

Be part of the exclusive Online Watch Party of this exciting show on our Riverside Theatres Digital platform. You and the kids will be able to stream the show and take part in the live chat function. After the show, participate in a Q&A with members of the cast and creative team, hosted by Riverside Theatres Program Coordinator – Education, Youth and Families, Amy Matthews. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain behind-the-scenes insight into the show and a chance to have your kids questions answered. This is a one time only event, you will not have access to the show on demand afterwards.

Chat live after the show with:
Amy Matthews – Q&A Host and Riverside Theatres Program Coordinator (Education, Youth and Families)
Oded Prior – Founder of Junkyard Beats
Marina Da silva – Performer

In the hands of Junkyard Beats, ordinary household items are transformed into extraordinary musical instruments and unwanted junk comes alive in exciting and surprising ways!

The Box Show excites the imagination of children and adults alike. We follow four characters during their daily activities in a world made of cardboard boxes and junk. The contents of an abandoned kitchen and wheelie bins become the greatest drum set in the world; Plastic bags are an amazing musical instrument and the human body becomes a unique sound machine.

Stream along for a day in the life of a bunch of musical misfits as they reinvigorate the junk that the world has forgotten.

Learn about sustainability with this high energy, imaginative music-in-education performance combining drumming, dance, theatre and comedy. With a language of gibberish and rhythm, this show is accessible to any age and nationality. You won’t look at a cardboard box the same way after watching this show!

WINNER of Critics Pick – Sydney Fringe Festival 2018

“With more than 400 acts over 25 venues, One of the most entertaining performances, and certainly the most fun, was Junkyard Beats with four dynamic performers showing that to make music you need nothing more than everyday objects like cardboard boxes, plastic bags and cooking implements, some fancy footwork, and a whole lot of energy” – Source News

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1 hr + Q&A after the show