Asking For Trouble and Critical Stages presents

24 Sep 2021

A magical physical circus adventure for young people and their families.

Be part of the exclusive Online Watch Party of this exciting show on our Riverside Theatres Digital platform. You and the kids will be able to stream the show and take part in the live chat function. After the show, participate in a Q&A with members of the cast and creative team, hosted by Riverside Theatres Program Coordinator – Education, Youth and Families, Amy Matthews. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain behind-the-scenes insight into the show and a chance to have your kids questions answered. This is a one time only event, you will not have access to the show on demand afterwards.

Chat live after the show with:
Amy Matthews – Q&A Host and Riverside Theatres Program Coordinator (Education, Youth and Families)
Chris Bendall – Producer of FoRT
Christy Flaws and Luke O’Connor – Performers

Dive into a magical world of play and creation, where everyday objects become a universe of fun and adventure. Two strange heroes are hunting for whispers of possibility when they discover a pile of seemingly ordinary objects like sheets, broomsticks and cushions. Watch as they transform them into fantastical places to play and explore using ridiculous clowning, spectacular acrobatics and beautiful visual imagery.



Have you ever built a… Fort? Den? Cubby? Secret Base?

Delve into the art of play and the creation of worlds from everyday objects with Asking for Trouble in this workshop based on their show FoRT.

In this online workshop participants will play games, explore kooky characters, reimagine objects and build an amazing new world from the objects around them, turning lounge-rooms upside down and bedrooms back to front.

What you need:

  • At least one human (supervised by an adult)
  • A space to play (min 2mW x 3mL) and a space to build (any size) – These could be the same space or two different spaces, a lounge-room for playing and a bedroom for building.

For the Play Space:

  • A pile of clothing and costumes, try and grab as many different items as possible. Different sizes are great. Weird and strange items such cricket pads and helmets, scuba gear, safety goggles, old glasses and jewellery are also really fun.

For the Build Space

Lots of stuff for building forts, cubbies, dens etc. Anything you think could be useful.

Furniture (beds, tables, chairs, couches etc.), cushions, pillows, blankets, sheets, rope or thick string, brooms, buckets. You may also want some localised lighting such as torches, lamps and bike lights.


This workshop will be available live via Zoom on Friday 24 September 2021 at 1:30pm only and will not be available to do after this time.



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