Opera Australia - The Barber of Seville
Opera Australia presents
The Barber of Seville

27 Aug 2022

Beyond haircuts and beard trims, this canny barber is the city’s matchmaking maestro!

Almaviva is wealthy, stealthy and head over heels. Smitten Rosina is witty and pretty with razor-sharp smarts. She’s also inconveniently betrothed. They need a plan. Time to call on: Fi-ga-ro! Figaro! Figaro!

The stage is set for comic chaos. Our enterprising barber Figaro has wits and tricks as sharp as his scissors. It takes all of his clever disguises, subterfuge and scheming to wrangle a romantic encounter for the would-be lovers.

The Barber of Seville fizzes and pops with lyrical acrobatics and irrepressibly funny characters. Rossini’s most famous ‘opera buffa’ is a musical masterpiece with a storyline that would be equally at home in a Hollywood rom-com. Opera Australia’s finest voices and a live orchestra deliver a score that is instantly familiar from renditions in movies, cartoons and commercials. Here, the frothy humour is intoxicating and the chorus revels in every uproarious escapade. 

Delight in a riotous romp along the road to true love! This is opera at its light-hearted, effervescent best.

A must-see if you love: Downton Abbey, Sliding Doors, clever disguises gone wrong and a case of mistaken identities.

*sung in Italian with English surtitles

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2 hours 5mins
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