Perks, Pressures & parfaits Perks, Pressures & Parfaits
PIP Theatre
5 Jul 2022 to 5 Jul 2022
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Adult (16+) $27
Child (Under 16) $17
Government Concession Card Holder / Student $22

Duration - 60 minutes

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In Brisbane's newest theatre, come see this heartfelt original work's first public showing!

Family. It's a complicated thing. Just the word itself can fill some people with joy or strike fear into the hearts of others.

The Finches are just like any other family. Two kind and firm parents, and two antagonistic teenagers, excited for their upcoming beach trip. But when uncle Jeremy tags along, it all goes downhill.

Discover the perks and pressures of family along the way with them, and watch as they unstack each other's layers to (hopefully) find a heart.

Come see Perks Pressures & Parfaits Tuesday the 5th of July @ Pip Theatre!

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