Shakespeare Equinox Season at The Haven: The Tempest, Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet
Come You Spirits Theatre Troupe presents
Shakespeare Equinox Season at The Haven: The Tempest, Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet

23 Sep 2022 to 25 Sep 2022

The Come you Spirits troupe are proud to be returning to The Haven for the September Equinox with their acclaimed productions of Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth and their brand new production of The Tempest.

The seasoned professional cast perform the stories as an immersive experience designed to uplift the spirit and leave a lasting impression... they are fast, furious and full of heart. Harnessing the principals of sacred geometry, sound healing and Chi energy, the productions embrace the magical lore that Shakespeare wrote into his plays.

The Haven Amphitheatre is a stunning natural environment open to the elements, audiences are encouraged to dress warmly and bring a cushion to sit on.

The Tempest – An exiled King finds refuge on an island full of magic - magic that he conquers and enslaves, until he learns better from those around him. It’s a story of forgiveness, redemption and love. It invites us to consider our own expressions of freedom and bondage, and to question - what binds us? How can these shackles be released? Performing at dawn on Friday 23rd September @ 6:30am and in the evening on Sunday 25th September at 6:30pm. 

Romeo & Juliet – Ill-fated lovers in a world of violence and hate. It’s a story of passion and hope propelling us towards a brave new world of connectedness where love thrives. It invites us to open our heart to the depth and lightness of unconditional love, and how far we’ll go to find it. Midday performances on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September both at 12:30pm 

Macbeth – A supernatural prophecy propels a husband and wife to kill for the crown. It’s a story that roars with the refraction of the many shades of love and the human spirit - a spirit that can overcome all odds, or be taken over. Love that can inspire greatness, or drive us to darkness. It invites us to sit with our shadows, claim them and know that we always have a choice.  Evening performances on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September both at 6:30pm.

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