A Fortunate Few
Something Wicked presents
A Fortunate Few

17 Nov 2022 to 20 Nov 2022

Something Wicked presents


A new one-act play by Steven Hopley


Starring Victor Kline, Brendan Layton, Chris Miller & Emilia Stubbs Grigoriou

Directed by Steven Hopley


Australia considers itself the lucky country, yet on any given night at least a hundred thousand Australians will find themselves without a home. 

Mani is one of those homeless people. One day he crosses paths with a wealthy man, a man with the power to help Mani, and raise him above his station. Will Mani open the door to opportunity when it knocks? And will his good fortune change him for the better?

As timely as Succession and as biting as Brecht, this powerful world premiere drama packs a punch that will leave you breathless. 


Praise for the author:

"Masterpiece... as relevant as Williamson in his heyday... one of this city’s best playwrights." Tim Stackpool on Monopoly

“Fantastic… this play exemplifies precisely what great theatre should be.” Lisa Thatcher on Monopoly

“The unbelievably accomplished Steven Hopley's play has a veritably Shakespearean, moralistic core... and when it kicks, it kicks as hard and accurately as Harry Kewell.” Sydney Stage Online on Fear

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Chippen Street Theatre
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50 minutes