Art + Information
Seymour Centre and University of Sydney Theatre & Performance Studies presents
Art + Information

17 Nov 2022 to 26 Nov 2022

Seymour Centre and the University of Sydney’s Department of Theatre & Performance Studies will present Art + Information, a new series of performance lectures fusing drama and academia to bring big, bold ideas to life.

In collaboration with director Kate Gaul (Sydney Festival’s H.M.S Pinafore, The Trouble with Harry) and an impressive theatrical team, three leading University of Sydney scholars will draw on the art of live performance to present their cutting-edge research in radical new ways, sharing intriguing insights into First Nations land care, the cosmos, and the small pleasures that make life worthwhile.

Mitchell Gibbs, proud Dunghutti man through kinship and scientist as part of Geoscience and History and Philosophy of Science, will spotlight the vital contemporary relevance of First Nations land care practices, learning from thousands of years of knowledge to help our aquatic environments thrive long into the future.

Tara Murphy, leading astrophysicist, will take us deep into space, revealing what happens at the very moment a black hole forms and sharing her role in the once-in-a-lifetime discovery of a cosmic event that took place 130 million years ago.

And Beth Yahp, award-winning author and creative writing lecturer, will illustrate the importance of small pleasures—of noticing the unnoticed, finding joy in the little things, and 'stealing time' from the institution to write, think, and be creative as a form of cultural resistance.

Designed to spark curiosity and conversation, Art + Information invites audiences to watch as theatre and science challenge and champion each other, to reflect on truth, perception, and knowledge, and to learn from some of our most brilliant minds.

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Seymour Centre - Reginald Theatre
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90 minutes
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