Juanita Nielsen: The Final Days Juanita Nielsen: The Final Days
Deadhouse Productions
St. James Church, 173 King St, Sydney
28 Sep 2023 to 14 Oct 2023
Tickets - $86
Duration - 60 minutes
Not suitable for children

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Dare a dip into Sydney’s dark past with the immersive true-crime theatre show, Juanita Nielsen: The Final Days.

Staged in a 200-year-old crypt beneath the St James’ Church in Sydney, a guide will escort the audience through eerie rooms and passages to witness the events of one of Sydney’s most interesting crimes.

Juanita Nielsen: The Final Days, recounts the final crucial moments in Juanita’s fight to protect Victoria Street. Threatening phone calls, stolen documents and hidden romances leave an indelible imprint on the lives of those that loved her and those that sought to silence Sydney’s fiercest journalist. In her absence, a community is torn and her legacy is left to those who lived to tell the tale.

At 10.45am Friday 4th July 1975 Juanita Nielsen walks from her home in Victoria Street Potts Point to a meeting with Ed Trigg, manager of Carousel Club (aka Les Girls). She was never seen again. What happened to Juanita, why and who was involved? Be immersed in her story and that of her nemesis Abe Saffron and his partner Jim Anderson. A tale of corruption, violence, passion and heroism in the seventies.

Meet Juanita and her friends, lovers, union leaders, gangsters and experience the renown Les Girls cabaret.

Juanita Nielsen: The Final Days is the fourth instalment in the Deadhouse immersive theatre series, presenting classic Australian tales of true crimes for the past five years.

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