The Female of the Species The Female of the Species
National University Theatre Society
ANU Arts Centre Drama Lab
9 Oct 2013 to 12 Oct 2013
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Tickets - $10 students, $15 adults
Opening night tickets include a free glass of champagne and a Q&A with the director and cast!

Duration - 100 minutes
Coarse language
Sexual references

"Of course there's a place for provocation, for throwing a grenade every so often…"

Margot Mason has writer's block. She's already written 'Madam Ovary', 'The Cerebral Vagina', 'Honey, I'm Homo' and 'The Complete Insignificance of Male Sexuality'... what next? Enter Molly, a disillusioned gender studies student who feels feminism has a lot to answer for. She offers Margot her next title, holds her at gunpoint and handcuffs her to the desk. Female of the Species interrogates feminism, gender roles and a few other issues besides, with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. Joanna-Murray Smith’s comedy deftly walks the tightrope between satire and farce, proving the female of the species is not only deadlier, but funnier…

Originally produced by the Melbourne Theatre Company, 'The Female of the Species’ has had numerous productions in Australia and abroad, where it appeared on the West End starring Dame Eileen Atkins.

This is a play rich with cultural debate, making it a most app ...more
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