ATOMIC The New Rock Musical ATOMIC The New Rock Musical
Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company
Jetty Memorial Theatre
3 Nov 2023 to 26 Nov 2023
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Adult Ticket: $36.50
Concession: $29.50
Under 16: $27.50
Wednesday night show: $22.50
Group bookings (Min 10 tickets): $22.50 per ticket.

Duration - 180 minutes
Contains loud noises
Strobe lighting effects used
Coarse language
Smoke effects used
Please be warned this show is set before, during and after WW2 and contains imagery that some viewers may find distressing.

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This  thrilling new rock musical, shines a light on the forgotten genius, Leo Szilard, and his involvement in the WWII Manhattan Project – a research and development undertaking that created the world’s first nuclear weapons.

A massive collaboration of over 100,000 people: America’s brightest academics, European scientists seeking refuge, US Government and Military involvement, thousands of factory workers, all working in secret.

Szilard was successful in unlocking the secret to atomic power, but his attempts to stop the bombs were hidden until recent history, his story shows how one man can truly change the world.


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ATOMIC The New Rock MusicalATOMIC The New Rock Musical
Jetty Memorial Theatre
Show finished on 26 Nov 2023
Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company
Tickets - $22.50-$36.50
Duration - 180 minutes
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