The Lost Boys The Lost Boys
Seymour Centre
Seymour Centre - Reginald Theatre
10 Nov 2023 to 1 Dec 2023
Tickets - $35-$49
Duration - 60 Minutes

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Little Eggs Collective and Seymour Centre present THE LOST BOYS, a sixty-minute explosion of theatrical magic and live soundscapes inspired by J.M. Barrie’s classic text Peter and Wendy, from 10 November to 1 December at the Seymour Centre. 

The Reginald Theatre will be transformed into an entirely immersive environment as audiences are invited to become a part of the Lost Boys tribe.

Designed to ricochet audiences from the shadow world to Neverland and back again, music, song, dance, movement, spoken word and performance art will all pop up in different places around the environment, carefully orchestrated to create the sense of a wild, immersive free-for all. 

Part warehouse rave, part Lord of the Flies, part Fantasia…Little Eggs invites you to get lost!

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