How to be a Lesbian
Fruit Box Theatre presents
How to be a Lesbian

3 Jun 2024 to 4 Jun 2024

An armchair. A whiteboard. A lamp.

Each night features different guests – each potentially containing the secrets of what it means to be “lesbian”.

How do they shop? Do they have facial hair? What do they eat? And of course – that age old question – how do they have sex?

Felicity Nicol, seasoned Lesbian of 38 years, will be asking these questions and more to help ensure the future of lesbians is stronger than ever! This is the professional development course you wish you had when you were young, dumb and thinking all lesbians must have short hair.

Poetry readings, Sappho séance, instruction manuals and Alan keys – all this and more will be included in this cuntarific contemporary performance!

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Session TimesTicket PricesDuration
90 minutes
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