What's New Pussycat
Brisbane Arts Theatre presents
What's New Pussycat

7 Jan 2014 to 18 Jan 2014

What’s new pussycat? Everything!

Judith Prior’s new take on the story of Puss in Boots has a new story and a whole new soundtrack. It’s an exciting new story of a sneaky brother and a talking cat, a witch, a camel, a thrift shop, and even a desert exploration. What’s New Pussycat is told through drama and songs: songs by Tom Jones, Madonna, and even Beyoncé. With so many boppy and classic songs, you won’t be able to keep yourself from singing or your feet from tapping. What’s New Pussycat is a light-hearted, funny, and fantastical musical. And kids can even meet their favourite characters after every show.

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Brisbane Arts Theatre
Session TimesTicket PricesDuration
2.5 hrs with 20 min interval