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Jenna has been involved in music from the moment she could create a sound. Her natural ability and love of music were first evident at an extremely young age and she began violin lessons in primary school. She had also always shown an extraordinary sense of rhythm and began to play percussion through the Instrumental Music Program at 9 years old. Jenna's involvement with IMP is still strong today and she is about to visit Japan with the Senior Concert Band as a mentor on their concert tour - her third trip to Japan with SCB. Jenna progressed through the Primary Concert Band, into the Junior Concert Band and then, under the direction of John Agnew, was involved in the Senior Concert Band for 5 years (this included a special dispensation to stay with the band for their 2005 trip to Japan, even though she had finished school the year previously). Jenna also accompanied the band to Japan as a mentor on their next tour. During her high school years, Jenna also attended the special music program at the Canberra School of Music, wherein students were selected to be involved in advanced music instruction and performance, attending the School once a week during normal school classes, in addition to their music tuition at school. At college, Jenna studied Music as part of her tertiary package, gaining very high marks for studies in both classical and jazz styles. Jenna attended Narrabundah College and also studied Drama at tertiary level, performing in a range of plays at the school.
In addition to her musical studies and her work with the IMP, Jenna has played drums and percussion for a range of musical groups, including two rock bands. Jenna is a prolific composer and arranger and has performed many of her original pieces on stage with these bands. Jenna has also successfully taught herself keyboard and guitar, and plays both these instruments with competence. Most recently, Jenna has rediscovered her love of concert band repertoire and has joined the Canberra City Band in 2012, Canberra's A-Grade concert band and one of only two A-Grade bands to play at the State competitions, one of seven to play at the National Titles in Brisbane this year. In the past two years, Jenna has turned her hand to performing in musical theatre orchestras. Under the musical direction of Rose Shorney, Jenna played percussion in both Annie and Witches of Eastwick at the ANU Arts Centre. She is currently in rehearsal for La Cage Aux Folles, again with Rose. Earlier this year, Jenna was the single percussionist for the Queanbeyan Players production of Kismet, an extremely challenging undertaking, under the musical direction of Jennifer Groom.
This is Jenna's first opportunity to undertake the role of Musical Director - Orchestra and she is looking forward to amassing an amazing array of musicians to play the fabulous music of My Fair Lady.

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