Jenny WatsonJenny Watson
Many years ago, Jenny's parents took Jenny and her sisters to the theatre to see the family's favourite musical, My Fair Lady. Naturally, when 'Wouldn't it be Lovely' started, the sisters sang along to themselves, only to be shushed by a horrid lady in front. This terrifying experience has never been forgotten. As an adult, Jenny has observed lots of grown-ups singing along at the theatre and loves to see them enjoying themselves. If you notice a child singing along, Jenny would like to encourage you to keep their theatre experience happy by not shushing them. Jenny has been appearing on stage for over 15 years. Most recently she has been seen as the Cat in Cinderella, Gertrude in Seussical and Bet in Oliver! Jenny would like to thank her parents for introducing this wonderful musical to her and her husband, Justin, for his love, support and inspiration.

Shows Jenny Watson has been in
My Fair LadyMy Fair Lady
Show finished on 13 Jun 2015