Jono WindsorJono Windsor
Jono grew up in Burnie, Tasmania (otherwise, he's quite normal), and began playing trumpet at a young age - where he played in a number of community, school and production bands. Jono commenced his engineering degree in 2005, during which time his musical career came to a standstill - apart from his singing and dancing efforts after a little too much Jim Beam. In spite of this, Jono still maintained his passion for jazz/crooner music, idolising Louis Armstrong, James Morrison, Frank Sinatra and more recently his man-crush Michael Buble. Jono began to develop his singing voice over the last 3 years, and is currently trying to establish himself as a jazz trumpeter/vocalist. My Fair Lady will be Jono's debut as a cast member for a stage musical, and has found the experience to be very satisfying and very beneficial for his vocal development - even more so than his eventful nights during his uni days. Other than being a musician and an engineer, Jono is a sub-elite distance runner (specialising in 10km-half marathons), having twice finished in the top 30 in Sydney's City2Surf. Jono is also a retired NEAFL boundary umpire, but is now coaching.

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My Fair LadyMy Fair Lady
Show finished on 13 Jun 2015