Kara  SellarsKara Sellars
This is Kara's first musical debut. Kara has always had a passion for singing and performing on stage but never had the confidence to give it a go.... until now! Kara's Grandmother bought Kara her first ever musical, The Sound of Music when she was around the age of 7. From that day onwards Kara's love of Musicals grew with her favourites being The Sound of Music, Calamity Jane and of course, My Fair Lady. When the opportunity arose for her to audition in My Fair Lady she kicked her confidence into gear and started practising hoping to do her Grandmother proud. With her new found passion, this will be Kara's first appearance but definitely not her last in a musical performance.

Shows Kara Sellars has been in
My Fair LadyMy Fair Lady
Show finished on 13 Jun 2015