Company Operantics
Contact: Katie Miller-Crispe
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Operantics was founded by artists, for artists with the goal of creating opportunities for developing and emerging Australian operatic talent to develop their craft and gain experience in their own country. Operantics firmly believes in the value of promoting classical music as a normal part of Australian cultural life and is proud to have provided many audience members with their first operatic experience.

We are dedicated to removing the financial barriers to enjoying opera as an art form and to pursuing it as a career.

Shows performed by Operantics

The MediumThe Medium
The Independent Theatre
19 Oct 2023 to 22 Oct 2023Session Times
Thursday 19th October 7:00pm
Friday 20th October 7:00pm
Saturday 21st October 7:00pm
Sunday 22nd October 3pm

Tickets - $25-75
Duration - 90 minutes

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