Sydney Theatre Company
Touring Show
3 Nov 2014 to 29 Oct 2016
Duration - 1 hour 30 mins (no interval)
Coarse language

Tour Dates and Locations
3 Nov 201420 Dec 2014Sydney Opera House - Drama Theatre
Tickets & Sessions: $50 - $85 ...more
16 Sep 201629 Oct 2016Southbank Theatre - The Sumner
Tickets & Sessions: TBA ...more

2014 STA Best New Australian Work

Joanna Murray-Smith’s acclaimed tale of cat and mouse comes to MTC featuring the stunning original Sydney Theatre Company team.

Patricia Highsmith, best-selling author of The Talented Mr. Ripley, decided long ago that she didn’t like people, any people. She certainly doesn’t like the earnest, clean-cut young man sent from her publisher’s office, who turns up at her alpine retreat to convince her to write a final book. He can go to hell. But he’s wilier than she first supposes and their confrontation soon turns into a cat-and-mouse game – but who is cat and who mouse?

In Switzerland, Joanna Murray-Smith re-imagines the caustically witty novelist in her final years, a little old lady alone with her cats and her gun collection, giving her demons free reign and not giving a damn.

Building tension like the final chapters of one of Highsmith’s own thrillers, Switzerland was a hit for Sydney Theatre Company in 2014. This acclaimed two hander under ...more
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